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Henry Joseph SNARY, chr 17 jan 1875 St P&J - died 1875 Clifton)

Alice Eliza SNARY, chr 1 dec 1875 - married Harry Shellard in 1901 in Bristol.  My father recalled that when Harry worked in Frys chocolate factory he used to fill  his apron pockets with milk chocolate and let it harden ... then bring the apron home to be 'cleaned' by his nieces and nephews!

William Henry SNARY, chr 6 sep 1877, died 21 jun 1943 in St Petersburg, Florida, USA.  In the 1901 census, William was a tobacco packer, boarding at 4 Cotswold Rd, Bedminster.  William married Lizzie Maria Spratt on 6 sep 1902 in Bristol.  They had two children, both born in Bristol.  The family emigrated to Canada eventually ending up in Chicago around 1915.  They all played the banjo and performed together in vaudeville (see William, right, in a publicity photo).  The two sons, Leonard and Henry, were swimmers and divers, doing stunts in Chicago ... photos anyone?

Ellen (Nell) SNARY, born 1880 (chr 1887 with Rhoda and Edith) - married Frank Taylor in 1901 in Bristol. Frank was a fireman at Wills Tobacco Factory at Redcliffe - they lived in a big house in the factory grounds overlooking Redcliff church.  He was an amateur carpenter and my father was most envious of his collection of carpentry tools!  

In the 1911 census Frank and Nell's big house was full: in additon to their own four children there was Emma Olpin (Ellen's aunt) and two of Ellen's younger siblings, Elsie Snary and Arthur Snary.

Rhoda Emma SNARY, chr 29 jul 1887 at Bedminster St John with sisters Ellen and Edith)  Died in 1961 (see previous generation)

Alfred Edmund SNARY, 1883-1884

Edith Florence SNARY 1886-1887

Frederick Albert SNARY 1889-1893

Elizabeth Elsie SNARY, chr 15 sep 1891 - married to Walter Monks in 1917 and they had four children

Arthur Isaac SNARY, 1894-1947, married May E Gregory in 1916 in Bristol and they had one daughter

Reginald Albert SNARY, chr 4 nov 1897, died 26 jan 1971 - married Beatrice French in 1919 and they had two sons


The keen-eyed will notice that there are eleven children named above - but my great grandfather always claimed to have a 'bakers dozen' ... does anyone know of any more children please?  (though of course, if my Great Grandfather was a contrary sort of person, he could have been thinking of a baker who gave short measure rather than the traditional meaning of the saying in which a 'baker's dozen' means 13!)

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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

Snary generation 3 - my great grandparents,

Henry SNARY (1847-1902) and Eliza OLPIN (1855-1920)

My great grandfather Henry SNARY died long before I was born and I have no photos of him, but apparently in the family he was known as 'The Captain'.  I have a mental image of him sitting on a barrel on the deck of a ship, in naval uniform and smoking a pipe.  If anyone reading this is fortunate enough to possess a photo of Henry Snary, I should love to include a copy on this site! (even if he isn't smoking a pipe!)

As well as appearing in Stargate Atlantis, there were several ships of that name in the Royal Navy. The 1826 Daedalus that became a Royal Naval drill ship at Bristol in 1851 had previously been part of a famous story involving an enormous sea serpent.

Daedalus sea serpent 1848

Daedalus sea serpent of 1848 - Wikipedia

Eliza Olpin was born on 25th Feb 1855 at 11 Walters Place, Bedminster, the daughter of William Olpin a warehouse man and Elizabeth (formerly Brooks) (source Birth Certificate).  Eliza and Henry were married in 1874.  Following Henry's death, Eliza moved to London to live with her daughter Rhoda, now married to Frank Ward - Eliza worked as a Matron at a Police lodging house, though she had returned to Bedminster by 1920, as that is where her death is recorded on 17 Aug 1920, by her daughter Alice Shellard. (source Death Cert)


1871 census; aboard HMS Hercules, docked at Portsmouth:

Henry Snary, 22, unm,, ord seaman, b. Bristol


1881 census: at 8 Langton Terrace, Bedminster, all born Bristol:

Henry Snary, head, 32, warrant officer RN

Eliza, wife, 26

Alice E, dau, 5, scholar

William H, son, 3, scholar

Ellen, dau, 1


Henry also appeared in the 1881 census aboard the Daedalus


1891 census: at 62 Percy St, Bedminster: (all born in Bedminster)

Henry Snary, head, mar, 43, cook

Eliza, wife, mar, 36

Alice, dau, 15

William H, son, 14, printer

Ellen, dau, 11, scholar

Rhoda, dau, 10, scholar

Frederick, son, 2

Emma Olpin, boarder, unm, 38, tobacco stripper


1901 census: at 99 Whitehouse Lane, Bedminster (all b. Bristol or Bedminster)

Henry Snary, head, mar, 53, domestic cook

Eliza, wife, 46

Alice, dau, 25, tobacco packer

Ellen, dau, 21,tobacco packer

Rhoda, dau, 19, tobacco packer

Elsie, dau, 9

Arthur, son, 7

Reggie, son, 3

Emma Olpin, boarder, 48, tobacco striper

Harvey Shellard, boarder, chocolate moulder, 22


in 1901 Henry also appeared on the list of officers and crew of HMS Daedalus being on shore leave.


1911 census at 9 Back Lane, Hampstead, London:

Henry had died, and at the time of the census, his widow and one of her children were living with Eliza's married daughter Rhoda at their home in Hampstead (see Ward generation 2):


Eliza Snary, mother-in-law, , 56, wid, Matron (Met Police), b. Bristol

Reginald Snary, br-in-law, 13, b. Bristol


Eliza Snary (nee Olpin), seated left, with her daughter Alice and Alice's husband Harry Shellard

Henry Snary was born on 6th December 1847 at Barley Fields in Bristol.  His father was Joseph Snary, labourer and his mother Eliza (formerly Missen) - (Birth Certificate). He was a Warrant Officer in the Royal Navy, serving on first the Hercules at Portsmouth and later the Daedalus at Bristol, both training ships. (Source Service Records ADM 188/35/58529 and ADM 139/694/29323, TNA) Soon after Henry's birth, the family must have briefly moved to London, as according to the 1861 census two of his siblings were born there (see next generation).

Henry died 17 March 1902 at Bedminster. (Death Cert)

William Snary publicity pic

Known children of Henry and Eliza SNARY:

arthur harry aunt nell

This photo shows my dad and his brother Harry in my Dad's Austin 7 - and I think it is Aunt Nell with them.

AN APOLOGY: On Ancestry, there are several SNARY family trees which feature a photograph said to be Henry SNARY.  I am afraid these were copied from the first version of this site, when I truly believed my father, who gave me two photographs, and told me they showed his grandparents, Henry and Eliza.  It subsequently transpired that the 'Henry' photo was my mother's grandfather - James Adamthwaite. This has now been confirmed by an original copy of the same photo sent to me by an Adamthwaite cousin, which includes the photographer's address as Crook, Co. Durham. I still don't know whether the 'Eliza' photo is truly her or whether it is James Adamthwaite's wife Ann (Carter) - so that has been withheld.  

Sources: The first two of Henry and Eliza's children were christened at St Philip & Jacob, and subsequent christenings were at Bedminster St John - though I have not managed to locate all of them

NOTE:  All baptism, marriage and burial entries shown on this page have now been confirmed against the St Philip & Jacob parish registers at Bristol Archives.

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