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Snary generation 4:  2xGreat Grandparents

Joseph SNARY and Eliza MISSON

Children of Joseph SNARY and Sarah SKEETS (from GRO & census information):


  • William Joseph Orpin Snary* (born 1863, jun qtr, Poplar Union, 01C, 636) - appears on GRO index with mother's maiden name of SKEETS.  William died in 1864, age 1 (sep qtr, Poplar Union, 01C, 502)

  • Harriett Elizabeth Snary - appears on GRO index in 1868, (jun qtr, West Ham, 04A, 14) - with mother's maiden name of 'SKATES' - I have not managed to locate Harriett after the 1871 census (tried census, death, marriage and emigration records)

  • Francis Snary (born about 1870) - appears on GRO index in 1870, (mar qtr, Poplar, 01C, 680) - with mother's maiden name of 'SKECKS'.  This Francis died in 1875 (jun qtr, Shoreditch, 1c, 131)

  • Charlotte Snary (born 1872, sep qtr, Poplar, 1C, 607) - appears on GRO index with mother's maiden name SKATES - in 1891 she was a lodger in Bow -have not found her after that date

  • Amelia Ellen Snary (born 1874 dec qtr, 1C, 693) - on GRO index her surname is spelled SMARY and her mother's maiden name is 'SCATES'

  • Francis Albert Snary (born 23 dec 1876 according to Canadian Attestation form) - but appears on GRO index in 1879 (mar qtr Poplar, 01C, 684) - mother's maiden name 'SKATES'. I found him in the 1891 census in a Dr Barnado's Home.  By 1901 he was living in Ontario, Canada.  I have a copy of his records for service in the Canadian Expeditionary Force - he enlisted  on 13 dec 1916 and arrived in France in Jan 1917.  These detailed records confirm that he was married to a Gertrude and they had a daughter Dorothy Francis born in about 1910



Joseph and Eliza in the Census

1841, living at Riddles Court, Bristol St Philip & Jacob:

Joseph Snary, 25, tinman, (all born in county)

Eliza Snary, 25

Mary Snary, 3

Isaac Snary, 4 days


1851, living in Harmood St, St Pancras, London:

Joseph Snary, mar, 30, copper smith, b. Bristol


1851, living in Avon St, Bristol St P&J (all born Bristol):

Michael Mizen, head, mar, 57, glasshouse lab

Mary Mizen, wife, mar, 57

Eliza Snary, dau, mar, 29

Isaac Snary, grandson, 10

Joseph Snary, grandson, 8

Henry Snary, grandson, 3


1861, living at 16 Locker St, Bromley by Bow, London:

Joseph Snary, head, mar, 41, gas fitter, b. Bristol

Eliza Snary, wife, mar, 40, b. Bristol

Isaac Snary, son, unm, 19, gas fitter, b. Bristol

Joseph Snary, son, 17, lab, b. Bristol

Henry Snary, son, 13, scholar, b. Bristol

Alfred Snary, son, 10, scholar, b. London

Frederick Snary, son, 7, scholar, b. London

John Snary, son, 5, scholar, b. Bristol

Eliza Snary, dau, 2, b. Bristol


Following Eliza's death in 1862, in the 1871 census, Joseph and his second wife Sarah were living at 3 Upper Park St in Bromley St Leonard, Poplar:

Joseph Snary, head, mar, 52, gas fitter, b. Bristol

Sarah Snary, wife, mar, 31, b. Bromley, Middx

John Snary, son, 15, b. Bristol

Harriet Snary, dau, 3, scholar, b. Stratford, Essex

Francis Snary, son, 1, b. Bromley, Middx


and at the same address in 1871, Joseph's son by his first marriage was living with his wife and family:

Joseph Snary, head, mar, 29, engineer, b. Bristol

Ellen Snary, wife, mar, 23, b. Bromey by Bow

Ellen Snary, dau, 4, b. Bromley by Bow

Joseph Snary, son, 3, b. Bromley by Bow

Maryem, dau, 9m born Bromley, Middx


In 1881, Joseph and Sarah were living at 30 Donald street, London:

Joseph Snary, head, mar, 62, gas fitter, born Bristol

Sarah Snary, wife, marr, 42, b. Bromley

Charlotte, dau, 9, scholar, b. Bromley

Amelia, dau, 6, scholar, born Bromley

Francis, son, 2, born Bromley


In 1891, Joseph's son Joseph jr and Sophia were living in Bruce Villas, Tottenham:

Joseph Snary, head, mar, 41, engineers lab, b. Bristol

Sophia Snary, wife, mar, 38, b.Bethnal Green

Frederick, son, 17, printer horsecloth factory, b.Hackney

Ann, dau, 15, b. Bow

Kossuth, son, 15, gardener, b. Bethnal Green

Harry, son, 14, scholar, b. Hackney

Rebecca, dau, 12, scholar, b. Bow

Edward, son, 5, b. Bow

Rosina, dau, 2, b. Tottenham

George, son, 2m, b. Tottenham

Joseph Snary died on 9 April 1884, at 11 Rothbury Road, Bow, Middx.  He was a Tin Plate worker aged 65 years and the cause of death was pneumonia and hepatitis.  The death was reported by his son Isaac of 6 Park Terrace, St Mary's road, Plaistow. (Source Death Certificate)  So far, I have located 16 children of Joseph SNARY from his two marriages ... and 46 grandchildren, though there could be more.  I believe this is a family record!


His widow, Sarah (nee Skeets) has led me on a merry dance around Poplar and Bow:   in the only possible entry in the 1861 census (just before her marriage to Joseph), a Sarah Skeet was an unmarried servant age 22, living in Stepney and born in Bromley, Middx. However, I cannot locate this Sarah in earlier censuses, and neither can I find a William SKEETS, distiller in any records. I THOUGHT I had located a Death for Joseph's 2nd wife Sarah in 1916 in Poplar, BUT this Sarah was age 83 (several years too old). The death certificate does shows her as the widow of Joseph Snary - but his occupation is 'Railway Engine Driver' so not the Joseph who died in 1884.  Eventually I tracked down the informant (Ada DAVIDSON) to be a dau of Joseph and Eliza's SON (also Joseph, born in 1843, who, following the death of his first wife had a number of children with his second partner Sarah Sophia READ.  And she would indeed have been abt 83 in 1916 - so the death certificate relates not to the wife of Joseph who died in 1884 but to one of his SON's 'wives'!  But locating this earlier couple opened a huge can of worms - as I discovered that this Joseph also had ten children with his first wife Ellen and at least five more with his second partner Sarah - who sometimes gave her mother's maiden name as READ and sometimes as SANDERS.  Talk about history repeating itself!!


I have searched the 1891 census, and believe I may have located a few of the younger children:  a Charlotte Snary was a confectioner aged 20 living in Stratford le Bow, but her place of birth is shown as Bristol?; an Amelia SKEATES, age 16 and born in Poplar was a servant/nurse in Islington; a Frank Snary age 11 and born in England (very vague!) was a 'pupil' at The East End Juvenile Mission (Leopold Hall), "one of Dr Barnado's Homes" in Burdett Road,  Mile End Old Town.  As Frank next turned up in Canada enlisting for the Canadian Expeditionary Force, I would guess that he travelled to Canada as one of the many Home children; but he does not appear in the Canada Collection database.


SOURCES: I am grateful to J&JS of the Snary ONS for many of the parish register details, sources in green are from the new GRO index or from certificates held.

William Reed OLPIN and Elizabeth  BROOKS

William Olpin was born in about 1832 (from age at death and census information).  According to William's second marriage, his father was William Olpin, a fishmonger.

Family Search's 'England Births and Christenings' collection shows the christening of a William Reed Olpin on 23 feb 1834 at Bristol St Philip & Jacob - son of William and Joanna Olpin.  This couple are also shown as parents of another child - Charles William Olpin, christened on 26 May 1833, also at St Philip & Jacob.  And Family Search's 'England Marriages' collection, includes the marriage of a William Olpin to a Joanna Smith on 30th January 1831 at St Philip & Jacob.


It seems likely that William Olpin senior died before the 1841 census: he could be the William Olpin whose death appears on the GRO index (Dursley Registration District, Dec qtr of 1838, vol 11, 211) - this William was aged 26 years.


The only family group in the 1841 census which includes both a William and a Charles Olpin born around the time of the above christenings shows the adults as being John and Johanna Light (and the children's surnames are shown as Holpen).  I can find no marriage for this couple (although there are births for children with the surname Light and names and dates which correspond to those shown in the 1851 census who, according to the GRO index, have a mother's maiden name of Pugsey.  There is a marriage between a John Light and an Ann Pugsey in Somerset at about the right time.


So, I shall wait until I have had an opportunity to search relevant parish registers before committing any probable conclusions about the origins of this branch of the family to the internet.   The information which follows for the William Olpin who was the father of Eliza Olpin who appears in SNARY Generation 3 is confirmed by marriage, birth and death certificates!


Although I have located four birth certificates for children of William Olpin and Elizabeth Brooks - and it seems likely that Elizabeth had a daughter Sarah Ann before her marriage (birth 1848 sep Clutton, 11, 96, mother's maiden name Brooks), I have STILL not found a marriage for William and Elizabeth (or indeed a marriage for William OLPIN to anyone!)


Known Children of William Olpin and Elizabeth Brooks:


  • Emma Olpin - born 25 Jun 1852 at Commercial Road, St Mary Redcliff, dau of William Olpin a laboror and Elizabeth, formerly Brooks. (source Birth Certificate)

  • Eliza Olpin - born 25 Feb 1855 at 11 Waters Place, Bedminster, dau of William Olpin a warehouseman and Elizabeth, formerly Brooks (source Birth Certificate) Eliza married Henry Snary (see previous generation)

  • William Brooks Olpin - born 26 May 1857 at 11 Waters Place, dau of William Olpin, warehouseman and Elizabeth, formerly Brooks (source Birth Certificate).  William went on to marry Rachel Weymouth in 1885

  • Henry Olpin - born 30 jan 1861 at 23 Whitehouse St, Bedminster, son of William a potter's labourer and Elizabeth, formerly Brooks (source Birth Certificate) I have not located any death record for Henry, but he does not appear in any censuses  

  • Elizabeth Olpin died on 30 Jan 1861 from complications following the birth of her youngest son Henry, she was aged 32 years (source Death certificate)


It seems that William subsequently married Sarah Cross on 16 Aug 1863 in the parish church of Bristol St Clements (Marriage Certificate).   This certificate says that William was a bachelor, occupation 'Packer' and his father was William Olpin, fishmonger.


Then on 11 January 1874, William Olpin died at 14 Percy St, Bedminster.  He was aged 42 years, occupation Stoneware Potter and the cause of death was pneumonia.  The death was reported by a Sarah Ellis, present at the death, of 6b Doveton Street. (source Death Certificate) [Note: Sarah Ellis was one of the witnesses at William's daughter's marriage to Henry Snary a few months after William's death]

William Olpin's family in the Census:


in 1841, I THINK this entry includes the Olpin brothers, living at Whitehouse Place, Bedminster:

John Light, 27, labourer

Johanna Light, 29

Louisa Light, 1

Charles Holpin, 10

William Holpin, 8

Ann Holpin, 5


in the 1851 census, John and Joanna Light (together with daughters Ann, 15 and Louisa, 10) were living at 10 Sabine Place, St P&J - but I can find no sign of the two Olpin boys anywhere.


Although I can find no marriage, from birth certificates of their children, it seems that William and Elizabeth Brooks had at least three children.


1861 census - living at 23 Browns Buildings, Bedmnster:

William Olpin, head, widower, 29, potters labourer, b. Bedminster

Sarah Olpin, dau, 13, trousers maker, b. Bristol

Emma Olpin, dau, 9, scholar, b. Bristol

Eliza Olpin, dau, scholar, b. Bedminster

William B Olpin, son, 3, scholar, b. Bedminster


1871 census - living at 14a Percy St, Bedminster:

William Olpin, head, mar, 38, packer, b. Bristol

Sarah Olpin, wife, mar, 46, paper bag maker, b. Bristol

William Olpin, son, 13, labourer, b.  Bristol

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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

NOTE:  All Bristol baptism, marriage and burial entries shown on this page have now been confirmed against the St Philip & Jacob parish registers at Bristol Archives.

Joseph and Eliza SNARY proved quite challenging to research - it was only because they had such an unusual surname that I was able to locate them when the couple moved back and forth between London and Bristol.


Joseph was born in July 1819 and christened at St Philip and St Jacob on 22 Aug 1819 - son of Isaac and Harriet Snary of Avon St, age one month.  Isaac's occupation was Brazier.


Joseph married Eliza Miszons on 24th Sep 1837 in the parish church of Horfield, Gloucester; both Joseph and Eliza are described as minors, and both resident in Horfield.  Joseph's occupation was reported as 'tinman' and his father was Isaac Snary, deceased.  Eliza's father's name was Michael Miszon, glassman.  The witnesses were Mary Miszon and John Hilliard (source Marriage Certificate) [NOTE: the Marriage Certificate records Eliza's surname as MISZON or MISZONS at every appearance, however on the births of their children, the GRO index records the mother's maiden name as MISSEN in most of the Clifton entries but MISSON in the St Pancras entries]


Children of Joseph SNARY and Eliza MISZONS (or MISSON):


  • Mary Ann Snary (chr 4 Mar 1838 at St P&J - no entry located on the GRO birth index) Married to James GWYTHER in Bristol in 1859.  In the 1871 census Mary and James and five children were living in Clifton - Mary Ann's sister Eliza was also living with them.

  • Joseph Michael Snary (chr 8 sep 1839 St P&J) - a Joseph Snary died in Clifton in 1841 (mar qtr, 11,262) age 1 year

  • Isaac Snary, born Clifton (1841 jun qtr, 11,275).  Married to Hannah BARR on 8 June 1862. Isaac was a gas fitter living in Stratford le Bow in East London in 1871, 1891 and 1901 censuses (and appears as the employer of Frank Ward on Frank's application to the Metropolitan Police in 1901). However in the later censuses, Isaac's wife is shown as a Catherine. Isaac died age 66 in 1907

  • Joseph Snary, born 1843 (chr 7 apr 1844 at St P&J) - married to Ellen HAYES in 1865 in Stepney and they had nine children.  Ellen died in a railway disaster at Old Ford Station, with their newborn baby daughter Caroline, in early1882.  In 1883, Joseph had a son, John Robert Snary on 3 nov 1883; the birth certificate shows the mother as Sarah Sophia Snary (formerly READ), however, I have not located any marriage. Sarah Sophia (Read) had previously been married in 1872 to James SANDERS, a confectioner, and the couple had seven children. Joseph and Sarah Sophia had a further six children; so taking Joseph and Ellen's children, Sarah and James' children AND Joseph and Sarah's children ... there was a total of 23 children.  Joseph died in 1894 age 51 (Edmonton, sep qtr, 3a, 151) and in the 1901 census Sarah Sophia READ appears as a widow living in Edmonton.

  • Henry Snary (born 6 dec 1847, chr 26 dec 1847 at St P&J) - married to Eliza OLPIN: see full details on page for previous generation

  • Alfred Snary (born 1851, St Pancras reg. district, London, sep qtr, 01,317). In the 1891 census he appears as a labourer living in Stratford le Bow, married to Eliza BROYD (Mile End Old Town, 1874 mar qtr, 1c, 841) with six children; but he gives his place of birth as Bristol.

  • Frederick Snary (born 1853, St Pancras reg.district, London, dec qtr, 01B, 125).  He may have been the 'boy under detention' in the 1871 census.  In the 1891 census, he appears to be living in West Ham married to Jane BROAD (West Ham, 1883 sep qtr, 4a, 106) - but he too gives his place of birth as Bristol.

  • John Snary (chr 2 mar 1856 at St P&J, Bristol). John married Louisa Morgan in 1875 (sep qtr, Bristol reg district 6a, 129) and they had six children.

  • William James Snary (chr 26 apr 1857 at St Philip & Jacob, Bristol) William died in 1858 (mar qtr, Clifton, 6a, 95)

  • Eliza Snary (chr 13 feb 1859 St Philip & Jacob) born at 21 Alfred St, Bristol on 31 jan 1859, dau of Joseph Snary, coppersmith and Eliza Snary, formerly Missen (source Birth Certificate) - in 1871 she was living with her married older sister Mary Ann (Gwyther)


Eliza Snary died at 16 Mary St, in Bromley by Bow, London on 13 jan 1862 - she was aged just 43 years and the cause of death was Dropsy.  She was recorded as the wife of Joseph Snary, gas fitter (source Death Certificate).

Joseph's second marriage:


It is probably hardly surprising, with all those children, that Joseph remarried fairly soon after Eliza's death:  on 10 August 1862 in Hackney Parish Church, Joseph Snary, widower, gas fitter of Railway Place, son of Isaac Snary copper smith married Sarah Skeets, spinster of London Fields, daughter of William Skeets, distiller. Both were of full age, and the witnesses were William Skeets and Ellen Harpen (source Marriage Certificate). The couple proceeded to have six more children (though it is noticeable that only one of Joseph's earlier children is still living with Joseph and his new wife in the 1871 census).

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