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please note - the above link will take you to a copy of the website held at the Guild of One-name Studies, unfortunately I am unable to access my original copy of the website to make all the necessary corrections following the transfer of my sites to a new hosting company.

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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

Adamthwaite DNA project

The Adamthwaite DNA Project has been running since 2008, as part of the Adamthwaite One-Name Study.  You can find comprehensive information on the Adamthwaite Archive - an award-winning resource for all Adamthwaite researchers around the world.


From our initial belief that the ten different Adamthwaite lines we have traced would all descend from one man who lived in the parish of Ravenstonedale, yDNA has demonstrated that in fact there are at least  five 'founding fathers':

If you have Adamthwaites in your family tree, you are encouraged to visit the Adamthwaite Archive, where you will find details of Adamthwaite births, marriages and deaths and census entries, together with detailed family trees for the nine different lines of Adamthwaites that we have identified, photo galleries, and many articles about individual Adamthwaites.  You can also find out how to join the Adamthwaite Mailing List, and communicate with over 70 other Adamthwaite researchers, based all over the world.

origins of ten Adamthwaite lines
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