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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

GREEN family from Ireland

Mary Susan Green


James GREEN (see ADAMTHWAITE section for his wife Mary Isabella)


John GREEN, Elizabeth KAVANAGH


a)  James GREEN, Margaret Jane BYRNE


b)  James KAVANAGH, Bridgid KAVANAGH (in preparation)


William GREEN and Ann DONOVAN (it could be quite a while before I discover more about this couple's ancestors! - any help would be greatly appreciated)

The GREENs came from Ireland, but my grandfather's generation spent some time living in Scotland.  The absence of detailed  information about my grandfather James Green's family, combined with the lack of available Irish records has made this one of the most difficult branches of my family to research.  But gradually I have managed to learn a little more about James Green's early life and as a result of newly added online Irish records I hope that one day I'll discover more!

Ancestors of James Joseph Green

this section updated November 2018

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