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1843 Tithe Map of Church Brough - showing location of William Adamthwaite's house and garden  : source The Genealogist - click to open a larger version of map in a new window

Is this William and Sarah's house?

house of William and Sarah

1851 census - living at High Street, Brough

William Adamthwaite, 30, head, tailor employing one man, b. Brough

Sarah Adamthwaite, 30, wife, b. Brough

children all born Brough -

John, 8

George, 7

James, 5

Mary Ann, 1

George Ireland, tailor's apprentice, 17, b. Bowes, Yorks


1861 census - living at Church Brough:

John Adamthwaite, head, 71, tailor b. Kirkby Stephen

Hannah Adamthwaite, wife, 73, b. Stainmore

Mary Ann Adamthwaite, granddau, 11. scholar, b.Brough

Thomas Adamthwaite, grandson, 9, scholar, b. Brough

William Adamthwaite, grandson, 7, scholar, b. Brough

This is a most interesting photo, as it brings together members of the Australian and the English branches of William and Sarah (Mason)'s  descendants.  The Australian soldier on the left is George Adamthwaite, a son of William and Mary Jane (Houghton), who had been sent back to blighty to recuperate from war wounds.  Before returning to the front in France, he visited his cousins in Co Durham, and this photo shows Richard Adamthwaite (son of James and Ann) on the far right, together with a close family friend Billy Collins 

geo adamthwaite plus 2

in 1841 census, living at Brough Sowerby:

Robert Carter 44

Mary, 29

John, 11

William, 5

George, 4

James, 3

Hannah, 11m


In 1851, Robert and Mary were living at Kaber:

Robert, 56, lab, b.Carlisle, Cumberland

Mary, 38, b. Kendal

William, 15, b. Kaber

George, 14, b. Kaber

James, 12, b. Kaber

Richard, 8, b. Brough

Elizabeth, 6, b. Brough

Ann, 3, b. Brough

Bella, 9months, b. Kaber


In 1861, living at Kaber:

Mary Carter, head, mar, 50, ag lab, b. Kendal (no sign of Robert)

Isabella, dau, 10, b. Kirkby Stephen

Thomas, son, 7, b. Kirkby Stephen


In 1861, at the Alderson household in Little Musgrove Village, were:

Elizabeth Carter, servant, unm, 16, house servant, b. Kaber

Ann Carter, visitor, 12, servant, b. Kaber


in 1861, at Rudds Yard, Brough in the Gouling hoiusehold was:

Robert Carter, lodger, mar 66, husbandman, b. Carlisle


In 1871, living at Victoria St, Crook and Billy Row, close to both her son James and her married daughter Ann:

Mary Carter, mother, widow, 59, annuitant, b. Crook, Durham

Thomas Carter, son, 18, lab, b. Crook

William (grandson?), 9, scholar, b. Crook

plus two Irish lodgers - both coke burners


in 1881, still in Victoria St:

Mary Carter, head, wid, 72, housekeeper, b.  Kendal

William, grandson, 19, coalminer, b. Kirkby Stephen

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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

Adamthwaite - generation 4:

my 2x Great Grandparents

William Adamthwaite was christened on 17 dec 1820 at Brough

under Stainmore, Westmorland - the son of John Adamthwaite

and Hannah Robinson


Sarah Mason was christened on 11 mar 1821 at Brough under

Stainmore - the daughter of George Mason and Barbara Hunter.


William and Sarah married on 20 June 1841 in the parish church

in Brough - the couple were both minors, and the record confirmed

that William's father was John Adamthwaite, tailor, and Sarah's father was George Mason, a discharged soldier.  The witnesses were William Mason and Elizabeth Pattinson.


In 1843, the Tithe Map for Church Brough shows William Adamthwaite as a tenant of a house and garden (rental payable of 2s 2d) owned by Thomas Hodgson Hobson - see map above right which shows the location of William Adamthwaite's house and garden in red (source: The Genealogist).

The photo below the map shows what I think must be their house, with the workshop attached, though it has been much modernised and the garden will no longer run to the river as a new house has been built behind it.


The pleasant location backing on to the River Awgill - (which frequently flooded) seems to have been somewhat unhealthy, as both William and Sarah died of tuberculosis at a very young age:

William died on 27 aug 1853, aged 33 years and Sarah died on 9 jun 1858 aged 37 - they left six young children who seem to have been brought up by their grandparents John and Hannah Adamthwaite.


Children of William and Sarah Adamthwaite:


John Adamthwaite, chr 4 may 1842 at Brough under Stainmore.  The eldest son also became a tailor, but he too died of TB on 21 feb 1861 aged only 18 years

George Adamthwaite, chr 15 dec 1844 at Brough under Stainmore.  By 1871, George was married to Jane Harker Wilkinson and they had a son Richard (1870-1953) and the family were living in Crook, Co Durham.  A second son, Thomas was born in 1873, but he died in 1886, three years after his mother Jane's death in 1883, aged 31. Father George died in 1887 aged 42

James Adamthwaite, chr 13 sep 1846 at Brough under Stainmore - see previous generation

Mary Ann Adamthwaite, chr 30 aug 1853, Brough under Stainmore.  Mary Ann married Robert Rutherford in 1870 in Northallerton and by the 1871 census they were living there with their first child.

Thomas Adamthwaite was chr 30 aug 1853 at Brough under Stainmore.  I have not managed to find Thomas in any records after his appearance in the 1861 census living with his grandparents - no death, marriage or entry in any passenger lists.  

William Adamthwaite, chr 8 sep 1853 at Brough under Stainmore.  William was born just eleven days after his father's death.  Following his grandparents' deaths, William moved to Crook in Co Durham where he became a coalminer, and was living with his brother James in the 1871 census.  Soon after this, William sailed to Australia - marrying Alice Holmes just a few days after his arrival in Rockhampton (did he meet her on the ship or know her in Durham?).  The marriage did not last very long as in 1883 William married Mary Jane Houghton and they settled in Merewether, NSW where they raised eleven children.  William was a florist and commercial gardener.  He died in 1931.


Wm Adamthwaites house on 1843 Tithe Map

William Adamthwaite and Sarah Mason

Robert Carter and Mary Dobson

In the 1851 census, Robert was born in about 1795 in Carlisle in Cumberland and Mary in about 1811 in one of several places according to different censuses - Kendal, Kaber or Crook!  I am fairly certain that Robert was first married to a Mary Steel on 25 Jan 1820 at Kirkby Stephen, and that they had six children (all baptised in Kirkby Stephen between 1821 and 1834)  Four of these children were living close to the Carter family in the 1841 census.


Although I have no firm proof, it seems very likely that Robert was the son of another Robert Carter, born in about 1754 in Barnard Castle, and Hannah Pearson - this couple married in 1779 in Kirkby Stephen, and I have found baptisms for eight children, the first in Barnard Castle, the last (Robert) in Kendal and all those in between in Carlisle.


Robert Carter (junior) married Mary Dobson on 11 Feb 1835 at Kirkby Stephen in Westmorland.


Robert died on 22 May 1865 in Kirkby Stephen Workhouse, he was aged 70 years and described as a labourer (death certificate).  By the time of the 1871 census, his widow Mary had moved to Co Durham, where she was living with her son Thomas and in 1881 with her grandson William.  Mary died on 16 mar 1889 at Victoria St Crook - she was aged 78 years and described as 'the widow of Robert Carter, farm labourer'.  Her death was reported by her son in law J. Adamthwaite, present at the death, of 44 Roddymoor Rows, Crook (death certificate).


Children of Robert and Mary Carter:


William Carter, bap 4 sep 1835, Kirkby Stephen - by 1871 he was married to Mary Ann and living in Carlisle where he was a wool stapler

George Carter, bap 12 feb 1837 at KS, married Agnes and in 1871 had 3 children and living in Kendal where he was a carpenter

James Carter, bap 5 may 1838 at KS - married Isabella and in 1871 was living in Crook near his sister Ann, by 1891 he had remarried a Jane, but was still working as a coalminer in Crook


Hannah Carter, bap 26 jul 1840, Brough under Stainmore


Richard Carter, bap 20 jul 1842, Brough under Stainmore

Elizabeth Carter, bap 16 nov 1844 Brough under Stainmore


Anne Carter, bap 20 apr 1857 - Brough under Stainmore - married James Adamthwaite (see earlier generation)

Bella Carter, bap 25 aug 1850, Kirkby Stephen

Thomas Carter, bap 22 nov 1853, Kirkby Stephen.  In 1871 Thomas was living in Crook with his widowed mother Mary - by 1891 he had married Annie and was still living in Crook with their four children.  He was also a coalminer.



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