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John ADAMTHWAITE was christened on 19 Jun 1791 at Kirkby Stephen, son of James Adamthwaite, carpenter of Kirkby Stephen and Sarah (Fothergill) (KS parish registers)


John married Hannah ROBINSON on 10 ct 1810, at Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland.  Both were single, of Kirkby Stephen - John was 19 and Hannah 21 and the witnesses were William HUGALL and Samuel EUBANK (KS parish registers)


In the 1829 Directory for Brough, John Adamthwaite was listed as a tailor - he also farmed land at West Dougl and Netherhowe.  In 1855 Slater's Directory he was listed as a tailor in Church Brough.  Apparently, until recently, there was still a bespoke tailor's shop in Market Brough on the Corner of Bridge St, which has been there since the 19thC.  After their son William and his wife Sarah both died, their three younger children went to live with their grandparents - see 1861 census right - the oldest son John also died of tuberculosis in early 1861 and the next two boys, George and James both appeared as farm labourers in the 1861 census - George in Great Musgrave and James in Kaber.


It seems highly likely that the move to Crook in Co Durham coincided with the opening of the Stainmore Railway line.  The station in Kirkby Stephen opened in 1861 and provided a connection to the minefields of Co Durham in the East and the Lancaster Carlisle railway to the north-west, and also to Tebay (via Ravenstonedale) a few years later.  


Although I have established that their granddaughter Mary Ann married in Northallerton in 1870; and three of the brothers - George, James and William - are known to have worked as miners in Crook; I have never managed to discover what happened to their brother Thomas.


Following his wife Hannah's death, John seems to have accompanied his grandsons George, James and William to Crook in County Durham as  John Adamthwaite's death was recorded in Crook, Co Durham on 2 jun 1868.

John and Hannah Adamthwaite in the census:


in 1841, living at Church Brough:

John Adamthwaite, 50, taylor, (all b. in county)

Hannah, 50

William, 20


in 1851, still at Church Brough:

John Adamthwaite, 60, tailor, b. Kirkby Stephen

Hannah, 63, b. Stainmore


in 1861, living at Church Brough (by now their son William and his wife had died):

John Adamthwaite, head, mar, 71, tailor, b. Kirkby Stephen

Hannah, wife, mar, 73, tailor's wife, b. Stainmore

Mary Ann, gddau, 11, scholar, b. Brough

Thomas, gdson, 9, b. Brough

William, gdson, 7, b. Brough

I have spent many years searching for a birth/baptism entry for George MASON (along with several other people who are also connected to him!) with little success.


From census entries, George Mason was born in around 1770 in Orton - though his discharge certificate from the 44th Regiment of Foot records his birth place as 'Culton' in Wesmorland.  He was discharged 4 June 1804, having served in the 44th Regt for five years*; the cause of his discharge was his blindness (inflicted in an incident in the barracks after his return from Alexandria) rather than in the course of his active service) and he was granted a pension  as an 'out pensioner' from the Chelsea Hospital. Further, "to prevent any improper use being made of this discharge" he was described thus: "age 29 years, 5' 83/4" in height, brown hair, grey eyes, dark complexion".  


*Note: the second page of the Discharge notice shows his age as 30 years and his length of service has been amended from 5 years to 10 years. And to add to the confusion, the TNA Catalogue shows yet another entry for George Mason, of the 44th Foot Regiment (WO 121/210/36, film 00049) with a note stating that "the original discharge certificate is missing - see film image 49")


From Muster Rolls viewed at the National Archives, I was able to follow some of George Mason's military career:

From 1800 he was serving under General Charles Rainsford in Capn Jno M Hamerton's Company in Gibraltar, Malta, Marmorice Bay and at a camp near Alexandria. His pay varied considerably (up and down!) with a high of £1.1s. 11d per month while in Gibraltar and a low of just 14s. 0d per month in Alexandria, levelling out at 15s 6d through the whole of 1801.


The Pension Record shows that George Mason received his Out-Pension of 1s. 9d  from 11 Jun 1804 until his death on 12 April 1851. (WO 22/15). His death certificate confirms the date of death and gives the cause as 'natural decay'.


Barbara HUNTER was born in about 1790 in Milburn according to census information.  This is the most likely christening: 15 Jun 1788 in Morland, father Thomas HUNTER, mother Rachel CLARK.  This couple had four other children chr. in Milburn between 1778 and 1784.  She married George Mason on 15 aug 1809 at Brough under Stainmore.  Barbara Mason died on 18 Aug 1856 at Market Brough, aged 67 years, the cause of death was Enteritis (Death Certificate)


Children of George and Barbara Mason:


George Mason (~1810) according to 1851 census he was born in Brampton


John Mason, chr 1 mar 1813 at Brough.  In 1851 census he was widowed and living in Little Bolton,Lancs where he was a tailor.  John was married to Hannah Tong on 15 jan 1837 in Bolton.


Joseph Mason, chr 8 jan 1815 in Brough - probably died before 1832


Mary Mason, chr 24 Nov 1816 at Brough


Elizabeth Mason, chr 21 mar 1919 at Brough


Sarah Mason, chr 11 mar 1821 at Brough - married to William Adamthwaite (see previous generation)


William Mason, chr 25 may 1823 at Brough and ALSO chr 5 may 1823 at Wesleyan Appleby.  In 1851 William's infant daughter Barbara Mason died of natural debility (Death Certificate)


Ann Mason, chr 22 may 1825 at Welsleyan Appleby.  Ann married William Faulder in 1854 in East Ward reg.district


Thomas Mason, chr 20 jun 1827 at Brough


Henry Mason, chr 13 dec 1829 at Brough.  Married to Jane Calvert on 7 apr 1855 and died in Kemmerer, Wyoming on 11 nov 1903.


Joseph Mason, chr 4 mar 1832 at Brough.  In 1851 he was a tailor.


Jane Mason, chr 18 may 1834 at Brough.  Jane Mason reported her father's death in 1851


Jonathan Mason, chr 25 jan 1837 at Brough.  In the 1871 census he was married to Lucsia and living in Brotton, Yorkshire, where he was a miner.


George Mason discharge cert thumb

a section of the discharge certificate for George Mason - click to see full version (source, The National Archives, ref WO 121/71 film 00365-6)

parents of Robert CARTER and Mary DOBSON

I only have very sketchy information about the parents and more distant ancestors of this couple, so a further visit to Kendal Archives is necessary before I am sufficiently confident to add these details to the website.

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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

Adamthwaite family generation 5:

my 3x Great Grandparents

John Adamthwaite and Hannah Robinson


Kirkby Stephen Railway Stephen, as depicted by 'Poet Close' in 1871 - see the very interesting website Stainmore 150 for a larger image and further information about John Close

Kirkby Stephen railway station

George and Barbara MASON in the census:


in 1841, living in Market Brough:

George Mason, 65, labourer (all born in county)

Barbara Mason, 45

George Mason, 25, labourer

Sarah Mason, 15

William Mason, 15, tailor

Ann Mason, 15

Henry Mason, 10

Joseph Mason, 7

Jane Mason, 9

Jonathan Mason, 5


in 1851, living at 14 High St, Brough:

George Mason, 81, Chelsea Pensioner blind), b. Orton

Barbara Mason, 61, b. Milburn

George Mason, 41, b. Bramton

Ann Mason, 26, b.  Brough

Henery Mason, 20, b. Brough, a lead miner

Joseph Mason, 19, b. Brough, tailor

Jane Mason, 16, b. Brough

Jonathan Mason, 14, b. Brough

Hannah ROBINSON was christened on 8 Dec 1790 at Kirkby Stephen, the daughter of William Robinson of Duckintree, husbandman and Margaret Thwaites (source: KS parish registers).  On 20 jan 1863, Hannah (aged 75 years) died in Church Brough (death certificate).


Children of John and Hannah ADAMTHWAITE: (all christened in Brough)


Sarah Adamthwaite, chr 24 may 1812 - Sarah married Thomas Stockdale in Brough under Stainmore on 4 apr 1835


Margaret Adamthwaite, chr 30 oct 1814 - married to John Joel in Orton on 29 sep 1834


James Adamthwaite, chr 23 nov 1817 - was buried on 4 dec 1831 at Brough under Stainmore, aged 14 years


William Adamthwaite, chr 17 dec 1820 - married Sarah Mason on 28 jun 1841 at Brough (Certificate) - see previous generation


George Mason and Barbara Hunter

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