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Ernest Appleby and Deborah (Pentelow)

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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History


Appleby family - the third generation;


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This family in the census:


1891 census: at 58 Balcombe Street, South Hackney -

John Appleby, 30, tin plate worker, b. Bethnal Green

Charlotte, 31, b. Hackney

Alfred, 7, b. Clapton

Ernest, 5, b. Clapton

Walter, 2 (NB NOT John), b. Hackney

Ada, 6m, b. Hackney


1901 census: at 28 Cambridge Circus, Bethnal Green

John Appleby, head, 40, Beer Can Maker working at home, b. Bethnal Green

Charlotte, wife, 40, b. Hackney

Alfred Appleby aged 17

Ernest Appleby aged 15

John Appleby aged 12 (this must be Walter)

Ada Appleby aged 10

Minnie Appleby aged 8

Harry Appleby aged 3


1911 census: at 29 Sedgwick St, Homerton -

John Appleby, 50, beer can maker

Charlotte Appleby, wife, 50

Ernest Appleby, son, 25, printing machine minder

Ada Appleby, dau, 20, book folder

Minnie Appleby, dau, 18, blouse machinist

Henry Appleby, son, 13, school

1921 census: I have not managed to locate John Appleby (1861-1934), but his wife Charlotte was a boarder in a Rest Home in Ramsgate

Jack Appleby (standing left) in his working clothes

off to work in the morning then slept till noon; got their lunch and sent the younger one to the pub for beer for herself.  She slept all afternoon till five minutes before they came home and then started to get their supper.


Charlotte Appleby died on 22 April 1926 at 29 Sedgwick Street, Homerton aged 66 years.  She was the wife of John Appleby, tinsmith Journeyman and the cause of death was Morbus Cordis and Cardiac failure.  The death was reported by A C Tibbs, daughter (Ada), also of 29 Sedgwick Street. (source death certificate)

Alfred Appleby

Alfred and Ernest Appleby


John Appleby (Jack)

John Applebee was born on 15 mar 1861 at 11 Albion Buildings in Shoreditch, father Joseph Appleby, tin plate worker master, mother Harriet Appleby, formerly Nay. (source Birth Certificate)

John Michael Appleby was christened on 4 feb 1866 at St Leonard’s Shoreditch.  (source Parish Records)

Married Charlotte on 27 mar 1883  at St Luke’s Church in Hackney.  John Appleby was then aged 23, occupation Tin plate worker living in Homerton, and his father ‘s name was Joseph Appleby, tin plate worker.  Charlotte LOWRY was aged 22, living in Homerton and her father’s name given as Mark LOWRY,a blacksmith. Witnesses were Maurice Magnus and Mary Ann Ingrey (?) (source marriage certificate)


John Appleby died on 27 May 1934 at 18 Homerton Terrace in Hackney, aged 73 years. His occupation was given as ‘formerly a tinsmith’ and the cause of death was Disseminated Sclerosis, certified by J P Geary MB.  The death was reported by A Tibbs, daughter, present at the death, also of 18 Homerton Terrace. (source Death Certificate)


Charlotte LOWRY (wife of John Appleby)

After searching everywhere for a Charlotte Lowry with a father named Mark who was a blacksmith (as stated in marriage certificate to John Appleby), I found nothing, furthermore there appear to be no Mark Lowry’s living at the time – I think that the entry on the marriage certificate should read ‘mark of’ Lowry.  I subsequently managed to find an entry in the 1871 census which seems to be the correct family and have now received the birth certificate of the correct Charlotte Lowry.

She was born  3rd April 1860 at 27 Margaret Street, Hackney , father Francis Lowry, blacksmith, mother Charlotte Waggett. (source birth certificate)                      

According to her son Ernest’s wife Deborah, Charlotte liked a drink! She used to see the men


















Standing: Alf Appleby, Bob Ward, Ted Martin

Seated: Wm Ward, unknown, Jack Appleby, unknown


John and Charlotte Appleby’s children:

Alfred John Appleby, born 2 feb 1883 and chr. 7 oct 1883 at St Luke Hackney, the son of John and Charlotte Appleby, tin plate worker of 34 Presbury St – Alf was a regimental sergeant major in WWI in the Royal Engineers and won a Distinguished Service Cross (source RR)  He lived in Hackney and ran a factory making tin toys at 67 Paragon Road, which appears in telephone directories from 1925 to 1954.  Married to Alice Norton and they had one son Alf, who has a daughter Marcia (source IR)



Ernest William Appleby, born 2 March 1886and chr. 24 ov 1886  at All Saints Clapton Park, son of John and Charlotte, tinplate worker of 45 Presbury St.   Ernest died 30 Mar 1964 in Canada. From 1901-1908 Ernest Appleby was an apprentice in the printers guild.  The master that Ernest served under was a James Francis Waterlow.  The release statement was signed by a W or (M)? A. Waterlow for James F.Waterlow. It looks as if the original master may have passed away before completion. There is also a postmark sort of stamp on the back 'Chamber of London - Inrolled" signed by a Percy Wickering. Ernest spent some time in Argentina in the military, before emigrating to Canada in 1910, where he worked as a pressman in Brantford,  where he met Deborah Pentelow who had also emigrated to Canada in 1910 with family friends William and Alice Page.  Ernest and Deborah married on 6 dec 1913. Ernest enlisted in 1914 and was a gunner in the artillery in WWI, looking after the horses for the gun carriage, but was gassed at Ypres and had to spend a year in hospital having lost one lung.  Ernest told his grandson that the only reason he survived was that one of the crew was a pharmacist and recognized what the gas was and realized the only thing they had to combat it was to urinate on their handkerchiefs and breath through them as that would help to neutralize the effect of the gas. He was reassigned as an ambulance driver, but on returning to Canada after the war had to spend four years in a sanatorium before eventually returning to his job in printing.  Ernest and Deborah had one daughter Irene, born 23 Oct 1923 who married Gordon Reise in 1947.   (source IR and RR)                        



Walter Francis Appleby, born 17 Jun 1888 at St Thomas Place, Hackney and chr. 8 jul 1888 at St John of Jerusalem, Hackney, son of John and Charlotte, tinplate worker of 21 St Thomas Place.  Changed name to John Mastel and married Rosetta Caroline Gorton.  Died 1966 in St Pancras see previous generation



Ada Charlotte Appleby, born in 1890 and chr. 5 oct 1890 at St John of Jerusalem, Hackney, dau of John and Charlotte, tinplate worker of 58 Balcorne St.  Married Alf Tibbs and had one son Alf who died in WWII aged 19.  Ada died 3 sep 1963 in Napsbury Hospital, Hertfordshire (source IR). Probate on her will was granted to the joint Executors: John Mastel and Albert (Alan) Bass.



Minnie Agnes Appleby, born 27 dec 1892 and chr 15 jan 1892 at St John of Jerusalem, dau of John and Charlotte, tinplate worker of 58 Balcorne St.  Minnie died on 15 Feb 1959.  Married to Bert Freeman (1894-1989) and had three children: Joan (1920-2002) who married Norman Kenefeck in 1947 and had two children Mike and Anne; Ralph, born 1923 and married in 1947; Barry born 1930 (source IR)



Henry Charles Appleby (Harry), born 27 sep 1897 (have not found a christening record for Henry. Harry Appleby enlisted as an officer in the Royal Flying Corps in Aug 1917, flying fighter planes, but had to relinquish his commission due to ill health in May 1918.  Henry married Elsie Alice Weller in 1917 but the couple to do not appear to have had any children, and divorced in 1926.  After the war he became co-owner of Appleby and Barham Ltd, (this company appears in telephone directories from 1936 to 1954), a factory making metal household goods, and he owned a number of fancy cars – including a Rolls Royce which he kept in John Mastel’s garage at 3 Nightingale Road, Clapton throughout WWII – at the end of the war, they found that all the upholstery had been eaten by moths!)  He owned a couple of houses, including ‘Appleby House’ opposite the golf course in Totteridge Lane, and also a big house in Clapton. Died 7 Mar 1943 - he left his house in Clapton to his sister Ada, who passed it to John Mastel when she died. (source AM)


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