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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

Ward/Kent/Howes generation 4: my 2xgt grandparents

parents of John WARD

If I am ever able to confirm the identity of Frank Ward's father (supposedly named John WARD), I will add details of his ancestry here.

Thomas KENT

From census information, Thomas Kent was born in Chipping Sodbury, and from his marriage certificate, his father was George Kent, painter.  Although George Kent's occupation changes in just about every appearance, this seems to confirm that Thomas was indeed the son of George Kent and Mary Thompson, and was chr. in Chipping Sodbury on 12 nov 1818.


Thomas was a saddler and harness maker, and we also know that he was the Census Enumerator for Colerne in the 1861 census.  In the 1875 Tithe Records, Thomas Kent is shown as owner and occupier of a house, garden and shop (Rose Cottage - plot 104 on map below), and his son Aram as the occupier of a public house, yard, garden and buildings at plot 168.


Thomas Kent died on 5 aug 1892 at Colerne; he was aged 73 years and his occupation was recorded as 'harness maker'.  The cause of death was age, cardiac failure, congestion of lungs (certified).  The death was reported by his son Thomas.  In his will, Thomas bequeathed his pianoforte to his daughter Asenath Tanner, with the stipulation that it was "not to be used at any public entertainment", and directed that all the music should be shared equally between Asenath and Aram.  He left his business and all assets to his son Thomas (who was also a saddler) and ten pounds to each surviving child - his deceased daughter Emily's share to be divided equally between her children.

Harriet HOWES

Harriet was born in about 1819 in Siston - she was the second child of Enos Howes and his first wife Mary Ann Scuse. Many of the biblical names given to Thomas and Harriet's children were names that regularly appeared in Harriet's father's family.


Harriet died in Colerne on 9 May 1887 - just days after her daughter Mary Ann.  The cause of her death was fibrous tumour of the uterus (25 years) and peritonitis (5 days).  Her death, like that of Mary Ann, was reported by Harriet's granddaughter Georgina Kent.


Children of Thomas and Harriet KENT:


Jesse Scuse KENT, chr 15 jul 1840 at Marshfield, Gloucs.  After working as a harness maker with his father, Jesse mas married to Eliza TANNER in 1867 in Bath and he later became the publican at the White Hart Inn, Ford, near Castle Combe for more than ten years, then he returned to Marshfield to work as a saddler.  Jesse died in 1895, age 55.


Mary Ann KENT, chr 5 feb 1843 at Marshfield, Gloucs.  Mother of Frank WARD - see previous generation.  Mary Ann died in 1887 age 44.


Aram KENT, chr 25 dec 1844, Colerne.  Aram also worked with his father as a harness maker and saddler.  In 1871 he was the innkeeper at the Fox and Hounds in Colerne, and in 1876 he married Amelia Louise STRONG, and the couple continued to run the Inn for some years.  However in 1891, Aram and his growing family had settled in Walcot, Bath, where he was working as a coach fitter.  In 1901 Aram's two older sons were coach fitters but Aram himself was once again a saddler.  Aram died in 1921 in Bath, aged 76.


Henry KENT, chr 2 aug 1846, Colerne.  By 1871, Henry was a carpenter working in Cricklade. In 1874 he married Mary Brooks in Reading reg. district and in the 1881 census the couple had three children and Henry was a joiner in Sonning, Berkshire.


Emily Aquila KENT was chr 4 jun 1848 in Colerne.  She married Kennedy Brown, a draper from Argyll, Scotland, in Colerne on 23 sep 1875 and the couple moved to Bedminster, where they had four children.  Emily died in Bristol in 1885, age 37.


Edward Jason KENT was chr on 31 mar 1850, and in 1871 he was a saddler in Colerne.  He married Agnes Ann TANNER (younger sister of Eliza who had married Jesse Kent in 1867).  The couple had five children and by 1911, the family was running an Inn in Chippenham.


Asenath KENT was chr on 23 dec 1855 in Colerne.  After helping her brother to run the Fox and Hounds in Colerne, Asenath was listed in the 1881 census as an organist.  Later the same year, she married William TANNER (was he also related to Eliza and Agnes?).  William was a farmer and the couple had six children between 1883 and 1894, one of whom died.  Asenath died in 1899 and in the 1901 census, William Tanner and the five children were running Woodlands farm in Doynton in Gloucestershire.


Thomas Kent was chr on 23 dec 1855 in Colerne.  He was also a saddler, and in 1901 was living in High Street Colerne.  He was elected to the first Parish Council of Colerne in 1894. Thomas was married to Alice Harriett Kent (one of his eldest brother Jesse's daughters) in 1902 in Bristol, and they had a daughter Phyllis Emmeline Kent (born in 1905) and a son Thomas Jesse Kent (born in 1914). Thomas died in 1922 and was buried in Colerne on1st July.



Thomas KENT and Harriet HOWES in the census


1841 census: living in Marshfield, Gloucs - all born in Gloucestershire:

Thomas Kent, 20, saddler

Harriet Kent, 20

Jesse Kent, 1


1851 census, living in Street, Colerne:

Thomas Kent, head, 32, saddler, b. Chipping Sodbury

Harriet, wife, 31, b. Siston

Jesse S, son, 10, scholar, b. Marshfield

Mary Ann, dau, 8, scholar, b. Marshfield

Aram, son, 6, scholar, b. Colerne

Henry, son, 5, scholr, b. Colerne

Emily A, dau, 3, scholar, b. Colerne

Edward J, son, 1, b. Colerne


1861 census, living at Street, Colerne:

Thomas Kent, head, 42, saddler, b. Chipping Sodbury

Harriet, wife, 42, b. Siston

Jesse S, son, 20, harness maker, b. Marshfield

Mary A, dau, 18, dressmaker, b. Marshfield

Aram, son, 16, harness maker, b. Colerne

Henry, son, 14, scholar, b. Colerne

Emily A dau, 12, scholar, b. Colerne

Edward J, son, 11, scholar, b. Colerne

Asenath, dau, 8, scholar, b. Colerne

Thomas, son, 5, scholar, b. Colerne


1871 census, living in Colerne:

Thomas Kent, head, 51, saddler, b. Chipping Sodbury

Harriet, wife, 52, b. Siston

Emily A, dau. 22, b. Colerne

Edward J, son, 21, saddler, b. Colerne

Thomas, son, 15, b. Colerne

William Howse, wife's brother, 53, inn keeper, b. Siston

Eliza Howse, 54, innkeeper's wife, b. Plymouth


1881 census: living at Rose Cottage, Colerne:

Thomas Kent, head, 62, saddler, b. Chipping Sodbury

Harriet, wife, 62, b. Siston

Asenath, dau, 28, organist, b. Colerne

Thomas, son, 26, saddler, b. Colerne


1891 census: Harriet has died, but Thomas is still living at Rose Cottage:

Thomas Kent, head, wid, 71, saddler, b. Chipping Sodbury

Thomas, son, 32, unm, saddler, b. Colerne

Georgina J Kent, granddau, 22, housekeeper, b. N. Wraxall (Jesse's dau)

Robert Kent, grandson, 12, scholar, b. Colerne (Aram's son?)


1901 census: living in High St, Colerne:

Thomas Kent, head, unm, 41, saddler, b. Colerne (Youngest son of Thomas)

Annie Bashett, mar 56 housekeeper

Wm Bashett, boarder, 17, school teacher

Click on the map to view the 1875 Tithe Map of Colerne, marked with location of:

plot 104 (Rose Cottage)

plot 168 (Fox and Hounds)

NB - the map will open as a pdf file in a new window


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