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dickie and may wedding
tom and Jess Dearl

left: the marriage of Dickie and May Dearl

above: Thomas Patrick and Jessie Dearl

right: Maria and Bobby Pryce with family

robert maria&bobby pryce
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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

Great Grandparents - Thomas Dearl

thomas and annie dearl clontarf

This is the only photograph I have of Thomas Dearl and Annie (Mulroy)  In the photo his cap says "HMS Armadale Castle" but I have been unable to find him on Irish or English Crew Lists or amongst WW1 Navy records.


Thomas and Annie Dearl's family in the census:


1901 census - living at 4 Mooney's Cottages, Clontarf, Dublin (all born in Dublin):

Thomas Dearl, head, 30, gas fitter

Anne Dearl, wife, 31

Thomas Dearl, son, 10, scholar

Christopher Dearl, son, 8, scholar

John Dearl, son, 6, scholar

Kate Dearl, dau, 4

Richard Dearl, son, 1


1911 census - living at 4 Brian Boru Street, Clontarf (all born in Dublin):

Thomas Dearl, head, 41, general labourer

Annie Dearl, wife, 40, mar 23 years 8 children, six living)

Thomas Dearl, son, 21, garden labourer

Johnnie Dearl, son, 17

Katie Dearl, dau, 14

Dickie Dearl, son, 12

Maria Dearl, dau, 8

Children of Thomas and Annie Dearl:


Thomas Patrick Dearl - born 25 nov 1890 in Clontarf, died 21 Feb 1970 in Aberavon, Glamorgan whilst staying with his sister Kath, and buried in Clontarf on 24 feb.  During WW1, Tommy served as a Sergeant in the Royal Army Medical Corps.  He was married to Jessie Brighton in Birmingham in 1921, but I have been unable to discover what happened to her.  


Christopher Dearl - born in about 1893 and died in 1932. In 1925 he married Bridget Carey. At his death he was recorded as a Baths Attendant.


Johnnie Dearl - born about 1894 Clontarf


Kathleen Dearl (DERRILL in Church records and DERILE on civil records) - born 3 mar 1897 and married to Bill Johnson (see previous generation). Kath died in 1972 in South Wales.


Richard Dearl - born in 1898 and chr in Clontarf RC Church.  This Richard must have died in infancy.


Richard Dearl - born 5 jul 1899 in Clontarf and married Kathleen (May) Murphy in 1935.  the couple had just one son - Thomas Patrick Dearl before May died in 1938, and their baby Thomas died in January 1939, both from TB.  At Richard's death in 1942, he was recorded as a Bath Attendant.


Peter Dearl - born in about 1901 but died aged 6 years 8 months in 1908


Maria Dearl - born in Clontarf in 1908 and died in 1972.  Maria was married to Robert Pryce in 1926


According to the 1901 and 1911 census and his age at death, the Thomas Dearl who was married to Annie was born in Dublin in about 1870/71, and his civil marriage certificate states that he was the son of Richard Dearl, and his church marriage record includes the name of his mother as Maria, so I am very confident that he was actually the youngest child of Richard and Maria Dearl.  However, the only birth of a Thomas to Richard and Maria (nee Dwyer) that I have discovered was actually born in Liverpool in 1866. Richard owned a property in Church Road in Dublin, and despite the fact that the couple were married in Liverpool and six of their seven children's births were registered in Liverpool, with just one registered in Dublin, the family seem to have avoided being recorded in any of the English censuses!  So it is still possible that the first Thomas born to Richard and Maria in 1866 died and that they had another Thomas in around 1871, possibly in Dublin (but failed to register his birth!).  Or, given the fact that his wife Annie also seems to have subtracted quite a few years in both 1901 and 1911 census entries, perhaps they both felt younger than their real ages!


Thomas died on 4th September 1926 at 4 Brian Boru Street, Clontarf, and the death was reported by his son Christy of 7 Chapel Lane.

Annie Mulroy

Annie was born on 30th Aug 1864 in Clontarf, the daughter of James Mooney of Sea Point, farmer and Catherine Mulroy (unmarried).  The birth was registered by Catherine's father Thomas Mulroy.  At Annie's baptism a week later, the sponsor was Anne Swords. Although her birth was registered in the surname of Mooney, she married under her mother's name of Mulroy.


Thomas and Annie married in Clontarf on 24th Feb 1889, the witnesses were John Dearl and Kate Mulroy.


Annie died on 23 jan 1951 at the age of 86, at 4 Brian Boru Street in Clontarf

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