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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

Gorton Family - 2nd generation: grandparents

Rosetta Caroline (Rose) Gorton


Rosetta Caroline Gorton was born  6th Jan 1899 in Islington, her parents were Silas George Gorton, and Emily Gorton (formerly Hill)


She married John Mastel (formerly Appleby) in 1916 at the age of 17 yrs.


At the time of her marriage her address was 30 White Hart St, Kennington and her father Silas Gorton’s occupation was ‘Clay Miner’ (see notes about this under John Mastel).


Rose had a good head for figures and she worked in the Town Hall in the Rates Department, but in the evenings she worked on the Tote at Clapton and Walthamstow Dog Tracks.  At the end of the 1940s, Rose developed cancer and towards the end of her illness was living with her son John and his wife Anne in Clapton.  She had parted from John Mastel during the 1940s. At about this time, her grandson Tony caught pneumonia, but his aunt Jean’s partner, Dr Adam Clark, managed to obtain some penicillin (which had only recently been discovered) and he recovered.  (see photo right of Jean, Dr Adam Clark and Rose Gorton)


Shortly before her death, Rose went to stay in Pevensey Bay,  but on her return whe was admitted to the Florence Nightingale Hospital for Gentlewomen in Baker Street, where she died on 15th Nov 1949.  


Rose is buried in Bruce Castle Cemetery in Tottenham (All Hallows no. 205)


Rose with children Rita and Royston John

rita wedding

The wedding of Rose and John's daughter Rita to Andrew Paterson in 1944.  Rose is seated on the right, in front of her son Royston John and her husband John Mastel (formerly Appleby).

rose gorton
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