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Catherine Mulroy

Catherine Mulroy was born in 1844 in Louth and was a daughter of Thomas MULROY and Margaret DROMGOOLD, who married on 24 apr 1839 in Dromin, Co Louth.  This couple had eight known children - all born in Louth except for the last child James, who was born in 1853 in Clontarf Dublin.  From the early 1850s, the MULROYs all lived in Mooneys Cottages, Clontarf.


Known children of Catherine Mulroy:


Annie MULROY  Catherine Mulroy was named as the mother of Annie Mulroy on Annie's birth certificate 1864, which was registered by Catherine's father Thomas Mulroy.  The baby's father was named as James Mooney, farmer, of Sea Point Clontarf.  James and Catherine were also named as her parents at Annie's baptism on 6th September.  However, Catherine Mulroy was unmarried and it is not thought that James Mooney was involved in Annie's upbringing at all.  Annie went on to marry Thomas Dearl in 1889 - see previous generation

Catherine MULROY  Six years later, in 1870 Catherine Mulroy had another illegitimate daughter - she was called Catherine and on her birth certificate her father was named as James Tulley, labourer of [S]erman Ave - though no father was named at the baptism

Samuel MULROY  Then in 1876 Catherine had a son Samuel - he was born in the Workhouse at Dublin North - no father was named for this child.


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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

2x Great Grandparents -

Richard Welby Dearl

Maria Dwyer

Maria Dwyer was the eldest of three known children of Dennis Dwyer and Margaret Canavan.  She was baptised at Dublin St Catherine's on 31 jul 1833.  Her father was also a seamen, having first gone to sea as a Ships Boy in 1813 when he was just ten years old.  His seaman's ticket states that he spent seven years in foreign Service (America?) and when unemployed he resided in Liverpool. I have not yet managed to discover a record for Maria's parents' marriage, or any more about Maria's mother Margaret Canavan.  If you can help, please do contact me.


Maria Dwyer died on 7 apr 1898 in the North Dublin City Workhouse (probably the infirmary) having been admitted two weeks earlier.  Her address was recorded as 32 Common St, Dublin. The cause of death was bronchitis and exhaustion.


Known children of Richard and Maria Dearl:


Harriet Elizabeth DEARL, birth registered in 1861 in West Derby Reg.District (Liverpool) and married on 6 jul 1872 at St Lawrence RC, Dublin to George Walsh.

Elizabeth Ann DEARL, birth registered in 1862 in West Derby Reg. District

Ann DEARL, birth registered in 1856 in Liverpool Reg. District

Richard Thomas DEARL, born on 30 jul 1858 and baptised on 13 aug 1858 at St Albans RC, Liverpool.  The godparents were Francis Dwyre and Cath. Dyer and his parents residence at the time was Idris St.  Richard died on 7 nov 1865, and letters of administration were recorded "for Richard Dearl, late of whitney St, Liverpool, bachelor, deceased, granted to Richard Welby Dearl of Church Road, Dublin, mariner, the father and only next of kin of the said deceased."

Catherine DEARL, born on 28 aug 1862 at 7 Church Rd Dublin and baptised on 8 sep 1862 at St Lawrence RC Dublin.  The sponsor was Julia Dooley.  Catherine married Patrick GANNON on 3 June 1883 at the church of St Lawrence O'Toole, Dublin.  The certificate records that "both were single; groom full age, a boilermaker of 7 New Crescent, Church Rd, son of Michael GANNONm lawer; bride a minor of 90 church Road, dau of Richard Dearl, engineer; WIT Thomas Jones, Mary Anne Jameson"

John Francis Dearl, birth registered 1864 in Liverpool Reg. District.  John appears on Merchant Navy records as a 'ship's boy' between 1863 and 1865.  He sailed on the city of Dublin Steam Packet ships like his father and grandfather, but I have not found any record of him after his last entry in December 1865.

Thomas Dearl, born on 2 dec 1866 at Whitley St, Liverpool and baptisd on 16 Dec 1866 at St Augustine's RC Everton, Liverpool.  Married Annie Mulroy in 1889 - see previous generation.


Richard Welby Dearl was baptised at St Mary's, Chatham, Kent on 29th June 1828 (though on all seaman's records I have managed to locate, he gave his place of birth as Rochester, Kent).  He was the second of eleven children of Thomas DEARL (Ship's Master) and Harriet Elizabeth WELBY.

seamans ticket for Richard Dearl b1828

click  image to open a full size copy of Richard Dearl's Seamans Ticket, issued in Dublin in 1845 when he was 16 years of age.

Richard married Maria DWYER on 25th Feb 1850 in Liverpool St Nicholas RC church - and though Maria seems to have been Roman Catholic, it appears that Richard remained stubbornly Protestant till his death!


Richard and his entire family were also very evasive when it came to  the census: although all but one of Richard and Maria's seven children were born in Liverpool (or at least had their births registered there and several were baptised there), I have only located Richard in the 1861 census when he was at sea in the Windsor Steamer - (he was a visitor on his father's ship).  But his wife Harriet and all their children appear to be invisible!


Richard was a Ships Engineer - see the page on 'Seafaring Dearls' for details of Richard's known voyages between 1864 and 1890, but he was apprenticed in 1845 and recorded as a Ship Steward when he married Maria in 1850, so he probably spent forty seven years of his life as a seaman, for much of that time working on ships of the Dublin Steam Packet Company.


He died on 18th May 1892 at the North Dublin City Workhouse (probably in the Infirmary) having previously been admitted for eight months in 1888/89 - at that time his address was 90 Church Road.  When he died, his address was 49 Church Road and the cause of death was uraemia and leg ulcers.  I have not yet found a burial record.

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