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Silas George Gorton and Emily Elizabeth Hill on their wedding day

gorton family group

The Gorton family in about 1914, when the family were living at 23 Seaford Road, Tottenham:

Back row:  Emily Kate, Rosetta, George

Middle row: Dorothy, Sidney, Silas, Emily Elizabeth with baby Ellen, Frederick

Front row: Walter, William   (photo from DR)

In 1901 census the Gorton family lived at 26 Cornelia St, Islington, details as follows [RG13/176 f18]:

Silas G Gorton, age 27, Miner Labourer Electric Railway, born London St Pancras

Emily Gorton, age 25, born London Islington

George William Gorton, age 7

Emily Kate Gorton, age 5,

Rosetta Caroline Gorton, age 3,

Frederick Smith, boarder, occupation bus conductor, age 32, born Hants Portsmouth

Margaret Allen, visitor, occupation laundry maid, age 19, born London Islington

William Ridgewell, grandfather, age 74, born London Islington  


In the 1911 census the family were living at 39 Osman Road, Tottenham (St Ann’s ward):

Silas George Gorton, 37, Clay Miner for John Mowlem, b. St Pancras

Emily Elizabeth Gorton, 35, b. Islington

George William Gorton, son, 16, labourer for John Mowlem, b. Islington

Emily Kate Gorton, dau, 14, b. Islington

Rosetta Caroline Gorton, dau, 12, b. Islington

Walter John Gorton, son, 9, b. Islington

Frederick Silas Gorton, son, 8, b.Hornsey

Dorothy Maud Gorton, dau, 6, b. Islington

William Horace Gorton, son, 3, b. Tottenham

Sidney Francis, Gorton, son, 1, b. Tottenham

Tomas John Lane, boarder, 15, vanguard for meat carrier, b. Tottenham


in the 1921 census they had moved to 23 Seaford Rd, Tottenham:

Silas George Gorton, 47, timberman

Emily Elizabeth Gorton, 43, b. Islington

Walter John Gorton, 19, b. Islington, Porter

Frederick Silas Gorton, 18, b. Hornsey, unemployed

William Horace Gorton, 14. b.Tottenham

Sidney Francis Gorton, 12, b. Tottenham

Ellen Mary Gorton, 9, b. Tottenham

Grace Gladys Gorton, 7, b. Tottenham

Ronald Arthur Gorton, 5, b. Tottenham

Children of Silas and Emily Gorton:


George William Gorton, born 11 feb 1895 and chr 3 mar 1895 at St Mary Islington, son of Silas George and Emily Elizabeth Hill, carman of 18 Frederick St – George was a Private in 4th Battalion of Middx Regiment in WWI and was killed on 4 Nov 1914 at the age of 19 .  He is buried at Le Touret (source Commonwealth War Graves Commission)


Emily Kate Gorton, born 29 nov 1896 and chr 28 jan 1897 (the same day as Lizzie Hill) at St Matthias Caledonian Rd, dau of Silas George and Emily Elizabeth Gorton, carman of 2A Blundell St].  Married George Johnson in 1917 and had a daughter Edna Doris 



Rosetta Caroline Gorton, born 6 jan 1899 and chr 29 jan 1899 at St Mary Islington, dau of Silas George and Emily Elizabeth Gorton, horse keeper of 26 Cornelia St – married John Mastel in 1916 and had two children (see previous generation)


Charles James Gorton, born 20 dec 1900, chr 6 jan 1901 at St Mary Islington, son of Silas George and Emily Gorton, navigator of 26 Cornelia St.  Charles died in infancy of pneumonia (source DR)


Walter John Gorton, born dec 1901  and chr 5 jan 1902 at St Clement Barnsbury, son of Silas George and Emily Elizabeth Gorton, labourer of 26 Cornelia St.  Walter  married May Butterfield [1940 jun Edmonton 3a, 3212] and they had four children, three of whom survived to adulthood.


Frederick Silas Gorton, born 10 feb 1903 and chr 12 apr 1903 at St Mary Islington, son of Silas George and Emily Elizabeth Gorton, labourer of 12 St George’s Yard.  Was in Police Force in Ilford, married to Kitty in 1924. They had four children, two of whom lived overseas. Frederick died in Scarborough in Oct 1988, aged 85 years. 


Dorothy Maud Gorton (Doll), born in 1905 and chr 6 may 1906 at St Olave Stoke Newington, dau of George and Emily Gorton, labourer of 7 Vale Rd, Finsbury Park.  Married Dick Davis in [1926 sept Edmonton 3a 1858].  They had one son, Trevor who married Doris.  Dorothy Maud died in 1987.  Dick Davis was Polish, his original surname is believed to have been ‘Davidovsky’ (source DR)


William Horace Gorton, born [1907 jun Edmonton 3a 571] married to ‘Mickie’ Taylor [1935 mar Hastings 2b, 63].  No children, lived in Africa for sometime and brought their servant boy back to Southbourne and treated him like a son.  His name is Ibrahim – he married and  had children.  William Horace died 22 Dec 1999 (source DR)


Sidney Francis Gorton, born 4th May [1909 jun Edmonton 3a 558].  Married Winnie Cox in 1935 [1935 sep Edmonton 3a, 2276] – they had a son John who is married with two children - they all live in Australia


Ellen Mary  Gorton (Helen) born 16th August [1911 sept Edmonton 3a 1095]  Married twice, to Robert Winter then to Albert Arymar and had two children Sonia and John. She lived in Jersey for a short time between marriages and ran the Jubilee Pub on the Esplanade in St Helier with a partner.  They came back to London at the start of the occupation (they were among the last to leave the island).  She later lived in Spain with husband Bertie.  Helen died 22 May 1994 in Guildford Surrey (source DR from info from Helen’s daughter Sonia)


Grace Gladys Gorton (Jean) born 27 Jan 1914 at 23 Seaford Road.  Married Sidney J Harris [1935 jun Edmonton 3a 2093].  He was in the RAF, they were divorced soon after.  Met Adam Clark, a Harley Street doctor.  He was put in prison for doping greyhounds.  She fled to New Zealand in 1955/6, Adam found out where she was and went and found her – they married on 1st feb 1957 in Wellington.  He set up his practice in Lower Hutt and they lived there till he died of a brain tumour in the 1960s.  Jean married Bob King in 1966.  She lived to the age of 95 years, and died in Masterton, New Zealand on 3 July 2009. (source DR)


Ronald Arthur  Gorton (Tom) – born 23 jan 1916  at Seaford Road, being born about the same time as his nephew  Royston Mastel,  they grew up together as close friends, calling themselves Letsam and Notrog.  Married to Vera Elizabeth Ann Chaplin (dau of James William Chaplin) on 26th April 1941 at Grays Thurrock in Essex. Tom was in the police force and joined the RAF on 1st Aug 1943, he was shot down on his first mission over Germany and spent the rest of the war in a POW camp.  He was the flight engineer in a Halifax bomber and was one of only two survivors of his plane.  After the war he worked in the petroleum industry until his retirement and Vera was a dental nurse.  Tom died of lung cancer on 8th Sept 1986 and Vera died of a heart attack on 5th June 1988. They have two daughters Diana and Carol, who are both married and live in Essex. (source DR) 


Leonard E Gorton, born [1918 mar Edmonton 3a 753].  Died as a baby in dec qtr 1918 in Edmonton (3a, 112) – according to Jean he suffocated in his mother’s bed (source DR)



Silas and Emily's family - clockwise from top left:


Emily Kate and Rosetta with their mother Emily (seated) and Rosetta's grandson Tony;

Emily Kate with husband George Johnson, daughter Joan and parents Emily and Silas;

Dick and Doll's wedding;

George, Rosetta and Walter;

Will and Mickie's wedding (with Silas and Emily on left);

Sid and Wyn's wedding in 1935;


Jean, Helen and Tom;


Tom and Vera's wedding in 1941

mastelfamily banner 1

Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

Gorton family - generation 3: great grandparents

Born 29 jan 1874  at 86 Stanhope St; father Silas Theophilus Gorton, home decorator, mother Catherine Victoria Gorton, formerly Rebbeck. (source birth certificate)


Silas married Emily Elizabeth Hill at the Register Office in Islington on 25 July 1894.  At the time of his marriage to Emily, Silas was aged 21, and  living at 8 Blundell Street and his occupation was ‘Carman’  His father was listed as Silas Gorton, deceased, whose occupation was ‘House painter’. Emily was aged 20 years, of 12 Georges Yard and her father was James Hill, carman.  Witnesses were C Hill (Caroline?) and K Gorton (Kate?).  (source marriage certificate)


Silas George Gorton died in [1945 sep Romford 4a 372]

Silas George Gorton

Emily Elizabeth Hill

Born 9 dec 1877 at 93 Banceton St, Islington, father James Hill, mother Caroline Hill (formerly Ridgewell). Father’s occupation Carman.  (source Birth certificate)


When she married Silas Gorton in 1894, the certificate stated her age as 20 which would give her birth date of ~1874, but at 1901 census, her age was given as 25, which gives a birth date of ~1876.  However, in the 1891 census her age was given as 13. It now seems that she was actually only 16 when she married.


Emily Elizabeth Gorton died on 29 Oct 1963 in Rochford General Hospital, Essex, aged 87 years.  The cause of death was Cerebral arteriosclerosis.  Her address was 11 Oban Road, Southend on Sea, Essex and the death was reported by her son Tom (source death certificate DR)

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