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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History


My daughter and I visited the Amazon region on our first trip to Brazil, back in 2005.  The tour was organised by Travelbag and included transport by river boat from Manaus to the Amazon Village Lodge on the banks of the Puraquequara Lake for three nights with all activities such as guided walks, canoeing through the flooded forests, night-time caiman hunting and piranha fishing, etc.  The meals at the lodge were wonderful - loads of fresh fruit, scrumptious cakes etc - sometimes shared with the parrots that cheekily helped themselves from our plates if given half a chance.  My daughter was less impressed with the frogs in the loo and made me check under her bed each night for spiders!


My lasting memory is of paddling a canoe through the flooded forest where the reflections of the half submerged trees on the still black waters gave the illusion of paddling through the air ... sadly my photos don't really manage to capture this uncanny experience.

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