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parents of

Francis Lowry

TABLE Poor Law Records for Colwell Waggett

As can be seen from the final entry, Colwell WAGGETT died on 27 oct 1891 in Mile End Old Town Workhouse - he was then aged 92 years, and I was sad to see that he seems to have been largely abandoned by his family over the last thirty years of his life.


Sailmakers  in the 19th century

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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History


Appleby family - the fifth generation: 3xgreat grandparents

Charles Appleby (?) - or probably NOT!

If we are to believe the information on the marriage certificate of Joseph Appleby and Harriet Nay, Joseph's father was Charles Appleby, wheelwright.  However, we are still looking for Joseph Appleby's birth and further confirmation that his father was in fact Charles Appleby, though the fact that Joseph's first two children were named Joseph Charles and Charles Edward does seem to suggest that there is a strong possibility that there was a Charles somewhere in the family.  


The most obvious candidate is a Charles Appleby, wheelwright, who lived and died in Essex: according to the 1871 census (when he was living in the Almshouses at Moulsham, Chelmsford) he was born about 1786 in Dedham, Essex.  This Charles died in 1872, jun qtr in Chelmsford aged 86 years.  However I have checked the parish registers and census entries very carefully and he does NOT appear to have had a son Joseph - and neither does he seem to have ever lived in Bethnal Green, which was consistently given as Joseph's birthplace in the census.


There were Applebys who were wheelwrights living not too far from Bethnal Green in the St Pancras district in the 1841 and 1871 census – Samuel Appleby would have been born about 1800 – could he have had a brother Charles Appleby wheelwright?  He died in 1869 dec Pancras 1b 28 age 72 – I have a copy of his will. Samuel Appleby was married to Elizabeth Ann (Watson) who died 1878 sep Islington 1b 214 age 77.  Their children were Samuel (born about 1825), Henry (born about 1829) and Frederick (born about 1837).  But I have researched this family and they originally came from Dogsthorpe in Northamptonshires and have only found records of four brothers - John,Samuel, Francis and William - which seems to rule out this family.


The London parish registers provide only one Charles Appleby born at about the right time to be Joseph's father:

A Charles James Applebee was born about 1786 and chr 7 may 1786 at St Sepulchre, father Charles, mother Mary. This ties in with a marriage which took placeon 1 jan 1784 at St George Bloomsbury between Charles Applebee and Mary Scott.    However, I know that he belongs to a prestigious line of APPLEBEEs who were Armourers and Brasiers so is unlikely to have been the father of our Joseph (particularly as he seems to have died in 1806)!


So along with several other descendants of Joseph and Harriet Appleby, I must keep hunting!      We hope that the Appleby DNA Project will help to identify other living male Applebys with matching yDNA test results to our own test volunteer.   However, the closest match so far suggests that in fact the most distant Appleby ancestor came from the Midlands region, and we are looking into the possibility that Joseph's parents were Joseph and Mary Appleby - he was a smith, born in Oxfordshire - who were living in St Pancras in the 1841 and 1851 census and died in Pancras Workhouse in 1860 (age 66 yrs) and was buried at St Pancras Parish Church.              

William & Ann Nay in the census


1841 census: at Mill Row, West Haggerston:

William Nay, 45, silk weaver

Ann, 45

Maria, 15

Harriet, 15

Francis, 15

Mary, 12

John, 9

James, 9

Ann, 4


And at Canal Road, West Haggerston lived:

William Nay, 25, silk weaver (their eldest son)

Ann, 28

parents of

Joseph Appleby

William Nay


Born 10 dec 1791, chr 26 dec 1791 at St Leonard’s Shoreditch, father Francis Nay, mother Ann of Kingsland Road (source Parish Records LMA)

Married Ann … before 1813    


Children of William and Ann Nay  - all christened at St Leonard’s Shoreditch:


William (b 13 nov 1813, chr 5 dec 1813)  married Ann Fenn at St Dunstan’s in 1837

Harriet (b 10 jan 1822, chr 26 feb 1822) - married to Joseph Appleby

Francis (b 22 feb 1825, chr 21 nov 1825)

Mary (b 1 dec 1828, chr 25 dec 1828)

John (b 1 mar 1831, chr 22 mar 1831 – this John must have died)

Twins James and John (b 7 jul 1832, chr 30 jul 1832)

there was also a Maria (age 15 in 1841) and Ann (age 4 in 1841)


By 1851, Harriet’s brother William was working as a tin man and he and Ann were living in Mill Street, Bow.  There is no sign of Harriet's father William


A possible younger brother or nephew of William – Thomas Nay, was also a weaver in this area about the same time – he and his wife Ann had at least three children christened at St Leonard’s in Shoreditch: William John (1830), Mary Ann (1831) and Ann (1832)



Michael Lowry

Born about 1788 in Ireland, in Roscommon according ot 1851 census.  Married to Alice Bible 14 feb 1819 at St Martin in the Fields, Westminster.  Entry states that both ‘were of this parish’.  Witnesses were Thos. Burns and Mary Devis (source Parish Records at Westminster Archives)

Michael Lowry died on 12 May 1862 at 11 Talavera Place.  He was aged 74 years, occupation gas labourer.  He died of old age (certified).  The death was registered by Charlotte Lowry who was present at the death, also of 11 Talavera Place, Haggerston (source death certificate).


Alice Bible  

Born about 1799 in Waterford, Ireland


Alice Lowry died on 27 jan 1855 at 11 Talavera Place, aged 56 years.  The certificate states that she was the wife of Michael Lowry, gas labourer, and the case of death was ‘natural causes, certified’.  The death was reported by Thomas Lowry, present at the death, who also lived at 11 Talavera Place. (source death certificate)


Children of Michael and Alice Lowry : for years, I was unable to find baptisms of any of Michael and Alice Lowry’s children in parish records from Shoreditch area. .  I checked records for St Martin in the Fields and also Roman Catholic baptismal records at Westminster Archives.  But recently I did find just three baptisms for their children amongst the Roman Catholic records on Find My Past.  From census information, the following is a list of their (probable) children, with baptism details where available: –


Mary, born about 1821 in Westminster (was unmarried in 1871 and living with brother Peter)

Peter, born about 1823 in Westminster . In 1871 he was married to Charlotte and was Gas insp, living at the Gas Station in Hackney Rd

Arthur Thomas, born 11 May 1828 and baptised at Moorfields RC church on 20 jun 1828.  His parents were named as Michael and Alice Lowry (nee Bibel) and the sponsors were Thomas Lowry and Sara Cochrane. In 1871 Thomas was a lab, married to Sarah, and living at 10 Talavera Place with 3 children.  In 1881 they were living at 11 Talavera Place with two more children and Thomas was a carpenters labourer

Leonard, born about 1830 in Shoreditch. in 1871 he was a lab, living at 2 Talavera Place with wife Ann and 3 children. He married as Michael Leonard Lowry to Ann Elizabeth Kirkham in Hackney in 1859.  

Thomas Francis, born 6 jul 1831, baptised at Moorfields RC on 21 aug 1831.  sponsors were Thomas Carroll and Maria Hickey.  Thomas married Sarah Ann Kirkham in 1863 (his sister in law?) - and there are a total of 11 Lowry births registered where the mother's maiden name was Kirkham - so sorting out which child belonged to which couple is proving quite difficult, as not many of them survived to the following census.

Michael, born about 1835 in either Shoreditch or Westminster . in 1871 he was a gas fitter, married to Catherine, and living in Suffolk St, Camden Town

John, born about 1836 in Shoreditch, in 1871 was still unmar, and living in New Inn Yd, Shoreditch, where he was a porter

Francis William, born on 21 dec 1836 and bap 5 feb 1837 at Moorfields RC. His parents were recorded as Michael and Allena (nee Bible) and the sponsors were William and Sarah Lynch– married Charlotte Waggett in1858 (see previous generation)



I had wondered why the 1851 census showed TWO sons named Francis - it looks as if both Thomas Francis and Francis William were known as Francis!  And I have also discovered that there were two sons named Michael.  No wonder I have difficulty tracing members of this family.



Colwell Waggett

Born 25 June 1800, christened 20 jul 1800 at Wesleyan Chapel, Southampton, Hampshire, father Ralph Waggott, a sailmaker, mother Ophelia. (source IGI    [find birth record for more info]

He was married at least twice, his first marriage was to Mary Ann Ratlidge  on 29 August 1822 at St Mary Whitechapel.  The witnesses were George Rogers Waggett and Mary Ann Gardiner.  On Charlotte’s birth certificate in 1839, Colwell Waggett’s occupation was given as shoemaker; at the time of her marriage to Francis Lowry, his occupation was described as Shoemaker (journeyman).


Colwell and Mary Ann Waggett’s known children:


Ann Waggett, b 25 oct 1823 St George’s, East Shoreditch, London, England died 30 jul 1902 in Campbellford, Ontario, Canada.  Ann Waggett married John Mason, son of John Meredith and they emigrated to Canada in the 1870s.  On a visit to England in 1911 they visited their cousin Francis Lowry (this must have been the son of Francis Lowry and Charlotte Waggett).  From an earlier visit (during late 1890s) there is a photograph of Ann and her children (James John Mason and Elizabeth Ruth Mason) playing at a house in London – the Lowry children shown could be Francis and Elizabeth Lowry’s children Francis,   and Henry. Ann and John Mason’s son James John Mason built the Globe Wernicke factory in Stratford Ontario where young Walter Francis (John) Appleby was supposed to be going to work when he travelled to Canada in 1913. He is an ancester of DW

Ruth Amelia Waggett, b 21 nov 1830, London, England died 4 mar 1914, Campbellford, Ontario, Canada.  Ruth Amelia Waggett married John James Palliseir on 6 jan 1851 at St Andrew’s in Bethnal Green.  Ruth Amelia was a witness to Charlotte’s marriage in 1858.  The couple emigrated to Canada in the 1860s  (source DW)

Eliza Waggett, b 1837 Mile End old Town, London, England, d 1901.  Eliza married Thomas Joseph Dungey in 1857 in Hackney. Eliza is an ancestor of SP (source DW)

Charlotte Waggett, b 22 aug 1839, at 7 Sale St Bethnal Green, London, England.  Married to Francis Lowry (source birth certificate)

Ralph Alexander Waggett, b [1846 june Stepney, 2, 510]   Ralph married Emma Elizabeth Misson in 1870, their son Frederick William Waggett is an ancestor of JE (source JE)




Mary Ann Ratlidge

Born about 1801 (acc. to age on death certificate)                                                        


Married to Colwell Waggett (date not known) and known to be the mother of Charlotte Waggett –she is probably also the mother of Ann, Eliza, Ralph Alexander and Ruth Amelia.


Mary Ann Waggett died on 2 jul 1846 at 151 Eastfield Street, Limehouse.  She was aged 45 years and under occupation is stated ’wife of Colwell Waggett, shoemaker’.  The cause of her death was phthisis, 4 years certified.  The informant was Ruth Amelia Waggett, present at death, of 25 Heath Street, Limehouse. (source death certificate)



Following the death of his first wife, shortly after Ralph's birth, Colwell Waggett’s second marriage was to Maria Chapman - this marriage took place on 23 oct 1848 at St Philip’s Bethnal Green.  Colwell Wagget was a widower aged 48, occupation shoemaker of 1 Umberston St, the son of Ralph Waggett , sailmaker.  Maria was a widow aged 51, of 3 Osbourne court, the dau of Richard Moatlock, miller.. The witnesses were William Selby and Richard Southey.  From the 1851 census, we know that Maria was born in Issy, Colchester in about 1798.  A Maria Waggett died in 1863 [1863 mar, Bethnal Green, 1c, 212]


After Maria's death, Colwell seems to have gone downhill ... he appears in a long run of entries in Poor Law Records - mainly in the Admission and Discharge Registers of Mile End Old Town Workhouse (though occasionally he was referred on to South Grove Workhouse). The following entries were located on Ancestry's collection of London Poor Law Records held at the London Metropolitan Archives:

parents of

Harriet Nay

parents of



Michael and Alice Lowry in the census


1841 census - not found


1851 census: at 11 Talavera Place, Haggerston -

Michael Lowry, 60, labourer

Alice, wife, 52

Mary, dau, 30, needlewoman

Thomas, 22, labourer

Francis, 19, labourer

Michael, 17, window blind maker

Francis, 14, errand boy

John, 15, errand boy


1861 census: at 11 Talavera Place, Shoreditch -

Michael Lawry, wid, 68, lab gas works

Mary, dau, 38 seamstress

Leonard, son, 26, lab gas works

Anne, sons wife, 23

William, their son, 1

Colwell Waggett in the census


1841 census,Charlotte St, St Mary Whitechapel

Colwell WAGGETT, 40 shoemaker, n

Mary Ann, 15 (or 45?), shoebinder, n

Ann, 15, servant, y

Amelia, 10, y

Eliza, 4, y

Charlotte, 1, y


1851 census, 4 Temple Street, St Bartholomews Bethnal Green:

Colwell Waggett, 50, head, shoemaker, born Portsmouth

Maria, 53

Charlotte, 11, born Middx Stepney

Ralph, 4, born Middx Stepney


1861 census, 10 Felix St, Bethnal Green :

Colwell Waggett, 60, ladies shoemaker,

Maria, wife, 63

Ralph, son, 14


1871 and 1881 census  Colwell Waggett was in the Whitechapel Union Workhouse


1891 census: he was in the Mile End Infirmary, age 90

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