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James and Mary Isabella in the census


1911 census, in Arthur St, Crook, Co Durham:

Fred Adamthwaite, head, 18, miner, b. Shildon

James Adamthwaite, father, 64, wid, retired miner hewer, b. Brough, Westmorland

Mary Isabel Bell, sister, 32, mar, b. Crook

Moya Bell, niece, 1, b. Witton Park

James Bell, nephew, 3m, b. Crook

James Green, boarder, 32, single, brickayer (ovens), b. Dublin


Living not too far away at Low Beechburn, Crook was Mary Isabella’s husband, John Bell (though I have not found a marriage of John to an Elizabeth around 1904)

John Bell, head, mar, 37, coal miner hewer, b.Durham Willington

Elizabeth Bell, wife, mar 7 years, 35, b. Durham Hartlepool

John Bell, son, 4, b. Durham Bedburn

James Trott Bell, son, 2, b. Durham Bedburn

Thomas Thompson Bell,son 4m, b. Durham Bedburn

Thompson Bell, head’s father,wid, 60, retired coalminer hewer, b. Yorks, York.

1921 census, at 18 Camden St, Stockton:

James Green, head, 42, bricklayer, b. Dublin

Mary Green, wife, 43,  b. Crook, Durham

Moya Green, dau, 12, school, b. Witton Park

James Green, son, 10, school, b. Crook

John (Jack) Green, son, 9, school, b. Crook

Mary Susan Green, dau, 6, school, b. Crook

William Green, son, 2, b. Stockton

this set of photos of Jim and Mary's children all date from the 1940s:

TOP: Moya and Arthur

MIDDLE: young Jim & Dot with daughter Maureen, Mary and Gwen

BOTTOM: Bill in his garden, Bill and Gwen

moya and arthur
jim dot maureen mary gwen
bill and gwen
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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History


Green family - generation two: my grandfather

After searching for my grandfather's birth record for many years, I finally obtained a copy of his birth certificate in June 2011.  This confirmed that he was indeed born in Dublin in 1878, as stated in the various census entries for him.


James Green was born on 8th September 1878 at 16 Walls Lane, South Dublin.  His father was John Green, occupation currier, and his mother was Elizabeth Green, formerly Kavanagh (source birth certificate, GRO Ireland).


My mother had told me that he was born in Ireland and I knew from Jim's marriage certificate that his father was John Green, leather worker.  According to family recollections, Jim's parents had died when he was very young and he was brought up by two aunts in Dublin (Mary also said that he had a relative with a brewery in Dublin - possibly with the name O'Brien, but I have not yet found any evidence of this). I had found James Green in the 1891 and 1901 census as a nephew in the family of Patrick and Mary Cassidy, so at least part of the story seemed right. My mother said the aunts were very religious and wanted Jim to become a priest, but instead he became a bricklayer.  Jim was a master bricklayer in the ironworks, who later built furnaces and chimneys for ICI in Billingham - at one point he was sent to Germany to study special bricklaying techniques for this type of work.


It seems that James Green met my grandmother Mary Isabella ADAMTHWAITE several years before the 1911 census, by which time he was living as a lodger in Mary's home, and they had had two children together.  At this time, Mary had parted from (but was still legally married to) her first husband John Bell - who appears in the 1911 census living nearby in Crook with a new 'wife' and three children as well as his father Thompson Bell.

jim and mary green 1937

Jim and Mary Isabella in about 1937 - probably at Blackpool where they regularly went on holiday.

James Joseph (Jim) GREEN

1891 census, at Falkirk, Scotland:

Patrick Cassidy, head, 30, brickmaker, b. Mossvale, Lanarks

Mary Cassidy, wife, 27, b. Omagh, Ireland

James Green, nephew, 11, scholar, b. Dublin, Ireland



1901 census, at 14 Mulliner St, Dewsbury, Yorks:

Patrick Cassidy, head, 40, brickmaker, b Scotland

Mary Cassidy, wife, 38, b. Ireland

James Green, nephew, 22, bricklayer, b. Ireland

Moya Cameron, niece, 9, b. Scotland

Susan Cameron, niece, 7, b. Scotland

adamthwaite family reduced

James Green in the census

Jim and Mary Isabella with young Jim, Moya and baby Jack - taken in about 1914

In fact, all Jim and Mary's childrens' births were all registered with their mother's legal surname BELL but with their father named as James GREEN and I understand that in fact the whole family went by the surname GREEN. I have not yet found any baptisms for the children - though they all attended the Roman Catholic school (which was Jim's religion) and the previous page shows a photo of Mary and Moya which appears to have been taken to celebrate their First Holy Communion.


In the 1939 Register, James and Mary Green are shown living at 57 Leven Road, Stockon: his occupation is recorded as 'bricklayer, heavy chemical industry' and she is shown as undertaking 'unpaid domestic duties'.


James and Mary finally managed to marry on 10 May 1941, at the Register Office in Durham Western – by which time Mary was recorded as a widow aged 63 years and James a bachelor aged 62 years.  James’ occupation was given as Bricklayer at Chemical Factory and his father was John Green, leather worker, deceased.   He gave his address as 57 Leven Road, Norton, but Mary gave her address as 4 Arthur St, Crook – her father’s old address. The witnesses were Alfred Henderson and Jane Adamthwaite  (source Marriage Certificate)


James Green died on 2nd Sept 1949 at Winterton House, Sedgefield.  He was aged 70 years, a retired builder’s bricklayer, of 57 Leven Road, Norton, Stockton.  The cause of death was general arterio sclerosis (PM) certified by Stanley Johnson MB. And the death was reported by J J Green, son, of 29 Bramley Road, South Ealing (source death certificate).  He was buried at Durham Road Cemetery,Stockton on Tees on 7th September 1949(source Stockton Roots – his age at death is given as 71)


James and Mary Isabella Green’s children:


  • Moya Green Bell was born on 18 Apr 1909 [1909 jun Auckland 10a, 252] married Arthur Resker  in 1937 and lived in Finchley, then moved to Knebworth in Hertfordshire. Moya died in Mar 1991 in Waveney.

  • James (young Jim) Green Bell – aged 3m in 1911 census.  James was born on 19 Dec 1910 at Arthur St, Crook – his father was James Green, bricklayer journeyman, and his mother Mary Isabell Bell –married Dorothy and lived in Ealing where Jim was a builder. Their daughter was Maureen.  James Joseph Green, b. 1910, died in Ealing in dec qtr of 1979.

  • John (Jack) Green Bell, born 26 jan 1912 at 22 Arthur St, Crook. His father was James Joseph Green, bricklayer journeyman, his mother Mary Isabel Bell, formerly Adamthwaite.   Jack died at the age of 10 years on 4 sep 1922 in Stockton and Thornaby  Hospital from concussion of the brain caused by being accidentally knocked down by a Motor Car (source Death Certificate).  He was buried at Oxbridge Road Cemetery on 9th September 1922.

  • Mary Susan Green Bell, born 21 dec 1914 at 38 Gladstone St, Thornaby on Tees, married Len Ward (see Ward family notes) in August 1940 and they lived in Finchley and Len worked for the Medical Research Council at Mill Hill.  Mary died in September 2005

  • William (Bill) Green Bell, born 18 aug 1918 [1918 sep Stockton 10a 162] and died in Aug 2000 at Watford.  Married in Norton Parish Church on 14 jun 1941  to Gwendoline Lonsdale (1921-2002, daughter of Arthur Lonsdale and Ellener Caygell)) At the time of their marriage Bill was an electrician in the RAOC and after war  they lived in Billingham on Tees where Bill worked for ICI.

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